Face Wrinkles

Face wrinkles make us look older and feel older. Learn how to prevent and combat face wrinkles from the anti wrinkle experts our of products.

As we age, wrinkles form on our skin–around our eyes, on our necks, even on other parts of our bodies. However, the wrinkles on our face are usually the first ones we notice and the ones we’re the most concerned with. And they’re certainly the main reason that people buy anti wrinkle treatments. While face wrinkles are unavoidable, understanding how those wrinkles form, how to prevent and delay them, and how to treat face wrinkles can help keep your face smoother and younger-looking for many years to come.

Causes of Face Wrinkles
Wrinkles on your face can occur as a result of Genetic Aging, Hormonal Aging or Environmental Aging. But those aren’t the only causes of face wrinkles. Over time, gravity increases the depth of wrinkles on the face. And if you smoke, your face wrinkles will probably appear earlier and be even more pronounced.